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Spay and Neuter in Los Angeles at Western Animal Hospital

Help Your Pet and Help The Community

We at Western Animal Hospital understand that making the decision to spay and neuter your pets can be difficult. However, there are many benefits listed below, that make the decision a responsible and caring one. Rest assured that our patients are treated with loving care and professionalism, before, during, and after surgery. Pets that undergo our spay and neuter procedures experience minimal post-surgery pain, and a quick recovery.

Increased Longevity

Your dog’s lifespan will probably increase by an average 1-3 years after spaying or neutering.
Your cat’s lifespan will likely increase by 3-5 years.

Decreased Behavioral Problems

Pets that have not been spayed or neutered will experience the urge to mate. This will cause them to behave in ways that are difficult to endure. It is frustrating to the animal if they are unable to mate, and just as frustrating for the pet owner to deal with the behaviors. Unfixed pets will spray their surroundings, wander the neighborhood, act aggressive, etc. Save yourself and your pet from the inconvenience and frustration by spaying or neutering as soon as the pet is old enough. Waiting too long can cause male cats to continue spraying, even after neutering. Contact us to find out the optimum time to spay or neuter your particular pet.

Limiting the Stray Pet Population in Los Angeles

Many homeless cats and dogs roam the streets of Los Angeles. Some of those placed in animal shelters are adopted. Unfortunately many do not find homes, and will be euthanized. Please do your part to alleviate this preventable problem. Waiting too long to have spay and neuter surgeries performed can result in unwanted pregnancies and the hassle of finding homes for the resulting litter.

Decreased Cancer Risk

Spay and neuter surgery is the best thing pet owners can do to minimize the chance of reproductive cancer in dogs and cats. This disease is fatal for most cats and the prognosis for a dog’s survival is very poor. Please spay and neuter in Los Angeles to protect your pets from suffering this fate.

As you can see, there are many benefits to spaying and neutering will save you from heartache and financial distress, and save your pet from unnecessary suffering.

Tips for Post Spay and Neuter Surgery Care

Medication: It is important to strictly adhere to instructions given for pain medications. Pain medications for humans can be fatal to pets, so please be sure to use only medications prescribed by the veterinarian.


Feeding: Unless advised otherwise by the veterinarian, feed your pet the normal amount of food he or she usually consumes. Don’t overfeed.

Bedding: Keep your pet’s bedding clean and dry, for their comfort, and most importantly, to prevent infection.

Activity: For the first couple of weeks after surgery, limit your pet’s activities to prevent the incision from opening. Take your dog for short walks, as tolerated, and make sure cats don’t jump on and off high places, such as beds or tables. Keep your pet’s activity under control and you will avoid aggravating the incision site, preventing infection and pain.


Hygiene: Take care to keep your pet’s incision area as dry as possible for the first two weeks post-surgery. The veterinarian may provide a cone collar for your pet to wear, which will prevent licking and chewing at the incision site. If your pet licks the wound, it can open up, causing infection.

For the first 48 hours after surgery, keep your pet in a contained area where you can monitor their behavior. If your pet seems overly lethargic, does not urinate, refuses to eat, or exhibits behavior that causes you any concern, please contact us. If there is bleeding, other discharge, or bad odor at the incision site, do not hesitate to contact us right away.

Your pet’s well-being is of the utmost importance to us.

If you make the decision to spay and neuter in Los Angeles, our compassionate veterinary staff is here to help. We will be happy to answer all of your questions and make the whole process easy for your and your pet.


Contact us today at 323-733-2500

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